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You’re visiting the area? Epic!!

We are a little bit biased, but we reckon the south west corner of WA (otherwise known as the “Margaret River Region”) is the ducks nuts. With over 200 wineries and almost 20 breweries scattered across this region, there is so much to do and enjoy.


We have put this page together to help you plan your visit, and highlight some of our favourite neighbours and local producers... 


We highly recommend checking out for heaps of info, tips and blogs.


Just a heads up – the “Margaret River Region” as a destination spans an area from Cape Naturaliste in the north, to Cape Leeuwin in the south... and its around 130 km (or 1-1.5 hours drive) from the north to southern tip. 

It’s important to realise that while we are located in the Margaret River Region, we are about 40 minutes drive to the actual town of Margaret River.


By car, Wild Hop is...

  • 15 min from Yallingup

  • 15 min from Dunsborough

  • 30 min from Busselton

  • 40 min from Margaret River

  • 2.5 – 3 hours from Perth, Western Australia's capital city

You can now also fly directly into Busselton from Melbourne with Jetstar 3 times a week – check out them out for details and some great deals!


Good to know… reception can be patchy throughout the region... for example, Wild Hop is in a ‘Telstra only’ zone...

...Uber is not a thing here… sadly, neither is UberEats. Probably something to do with the patchy mobile reception.


…drive yourself…

Cruising around the South West is the best way to take in the area at your own pace. Plan ahead, then feel free to get a little distracted while finding new favourites, veering off for a  swim, or stopping into a hidden gem. Linger a little longer to bask in the glow of sunset then bring home a story that’s all your own.

We are super excited to be a part of the "Drive Your Story" self drive trails initiate, a collaborative project between the MRBTA and a range of local businesses.


Head over to DriveYourStory to find 5 downloadable drive trails from across the wider Margaret River Region. 

drive yourself

…catch a ride…

No uber, no ride-share. Wow - it's like stepping back to 2001!


Our local taxi service is Dunsborough Taxi’s, and they operate a fleet of small busses that shuttle around the Dunsborough / Busselton / Yallingup areas. Give them a call on 08 9756 8688 or hit them up on


If you are looking for something a little more special, there are loads of private drivers in the area that can be booked for either a transfer, or a private tour. We love to work with DBM Drivers Drift Charters, Dunsborough Chaffeurs, Dunsborough LimosuinesEsquire Classic Charters and MR Mustang Hire.

For something a little more fun, why not book in on a day tour of the region?

There are loads of options, with a range of different itineraries based on who you are and what you want to do… Leave it in the hands of the professionals - these guys will pick you up and take you on a GREAT day out, with lots of laughs and tips from your local guide.

We love to work with these guys, and their groups always look like they are having a blast when they visit!

catch a ride

Listed alphabetically... this short list represents the range of options available, from luxury & bespoke to dog friendly & pumping tunes! 

They are all fab - its just about choosing the right vibe for you...

Harvest Tours

Taste The South

The Margaret River Experience

Touch Of Glass Tours

Wine For Dudes

And there are many more... hit up google!

…the best neighbours…

A coffee roaster, cheese maker, chocolate & wine... these guys are our faves!!

And are all within 5 min drive from us. We LOVE our neighbours!


Check their pages for opening hours, as some are closed mid-week.


Commonage Coffee Co & Yallingup Chocolate (the same place)

Deepwoods Estate

Marq Wines

Yallingup Cheese, Wullura Olive Oil, Goon Tycoons, Abbey Vale Wines (the same place)

Slightly further afield, but still within 15 min drive, we suggest checking out…

Windance Estate

House of Cards Wines

Vasse Virgin Olive Oils and Soap Factory

Yallingup Maze (for the kids)

Or click here to download the Drive Your Story: Dunsborough Graze & Bathe Trail downloadable map, featuring a variety of businesses in the Dunsborough/Yallingup area.


 …the south west brewing scene...


There are almost 20 breweries in the South West, and the brewing community is amazing… so much so, we have recently formed the South West Brewers Alliance – a collaborative forum where we can work together to support and strengthen our industry.

If you are visiting the area just for our beer, you may want to consider breaking it up over a few days... so you can truly enjoy the unique experience each venue offers.


Hit up this link for a handy trail map detailing the breweries in the region, or check out the Breweries & Distilleries page on​ for blogs, maps and links to each breweries websites & socials.

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southwest brewing scene
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