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We have been looking for a beanie for ages... like, years...

But we couldn’t find one that we were happy to put our brand on... until we stumbled across the crew at @upstatestock (thanks, Instagram!!)

Based in Brooklyn, the crew at Upstatestock knit these cotton watchcaps using a ‘recover textile’ - a yarn that uses discarded clothing scraps from apparel factories in New Jersey, and PET bottles to spin an incredible cotton blend yarn that uses no dyes or chemicals at all. The beautifully rich colours are created through a proprietary blending program where the scraps are sorted and combined together using a computerized system to create a consistent color over and over again. No waste!

We have them in five epic colors… And our little hop head tag is on both sides, so you can wear it 3 ways.... the ultra hipster watchcap style; as a normal flip-cuffed beanie; or in a longer, baggy boi way.

We are super stoked with these little guys, and thrilled to be supporting new products using this great technology.

ECO-BEANIE (Watchcap)

GST Included
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