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what's the story with the chicken??

Well, its amazing. 

Brined for 48 hours in a bath with aromatics from our farm, and then slowly rotated over the coals for an hour and a half, until its perfectly charred and crispy on the outside, but deliciously juicy on the inside.

We can only prepare a certain number each day, and we often sell out. So, we bought in the option to "reserve a chook" with your online table booking. The only catch is, we need at least 48 hours notice to prepare these. 

Unfortunately, we don't have the ability to turn this function off in our bookings software when it gets to 48 hours from your booking, but we ask you to bear this in mind. Any chooks "reserved" within 48 hours of an online booking can't be guaranteed on the day.

This is a whole chicken, which comfortably serves 4 when paired with a few of our vegetable based dishes as a delicious 'family style' shared meal.... and don't forget the beer battered pickles!


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