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Celebrating 10 years of Australian metal band MAKE THEM SUFFER’s breakthrough album NEVERBLOOM.


NEIPING WASTLANDS is a massive 10% hazy, brewed to line up with their sold out NEVERBLOOM national tour. NEIPING WASTELANDS is a follow-up to INTERDIMENSIONAL SPIRAL, a 7.8% NEIPA that we brewed with MTS in late 2019 and was launched at their gig at the Dunsy Pub (we’ve got hazy recollections of that gig!! *pun joke!).


NEIPING WASTLANDS is a spin on the NEVERBLOOM track Weeping Wastelands, and we worked with MTS & Melbourne artist Chris Costa on this epic limited edition merch run!





Front (chest) print : 10cm WHILD HOP X MAKE THEM SUFFER logo on the left chest

Back (full) print: Full back, 3 colour NEIPING WASTELANDS artwork.


Printed on a black, unisex short-sleeve Staple tee from AS Colour.


GST Included
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