We are thrilled to partner with local artist Jaes Bidwell on this limited run of fundraiser merchandise for FAWNA.

Jaes is the artist behind our Wild Hop logo, and is also the artist behind the epic mural on the western side of our building, featuring the critically endangered Western Ringtail Possum. Jaes tweaked the mural artwork to suit a t-shirt design, and we have worked with the legends at The Fabric Printer to get it printed (with eco-friendly water-based ink) onto organic grey marle unisex tee’s; or grey marle unisex sweaters.

$5 from the sale of each item will be donated to FAWNA – a group of local volunteers who have been caring for sick or injured wildlife since 1984.



Once residing in bushland spanning between Perth & Albany, it is now estimated that there are only 8000 Western Ringtail Possums left in the wild, and these populations are now concentrated around the Busselton and Dunsborough areas.

In 2019, FAWNA established the world’s first Possum Finishing School, where injured Western Ringtail Possums are rehabilitated, and released back into their natural habitat. Since 2019, over 80 rehabilitated Western Ringtail Possums have been released back into the wild, and their time at the Possum Finishing School greatly increases their chance of survival in the wild.

Check out their website or Instagram page for more info!


www.fawna.com.au // @FAWNA.INC // @POSSUM_FINISHING_SCHOOL


How can I help the Western Ringtail Possum?

- Keep your pets inside at night, as most injuries or fatalities come from dog or cat attacks

- Plant a possum-friendly garden of WA natives and Peppi trees

- Grab one of our limited-edition Possum Print tees or sweaters! $5 from each sale goes directly to FAWNA to help with the costs in rehabilitating injured wildlife.

FAWNA Fundraiser Tee