We are husband and wife, mother and father, son (in law) and daughter.

Two and a half generations of beer lovers, brewery lovers.

In 2012, we found ourselves lucky enough to be living on this gorgeous 50 acre property on Wildwood Road - a winding and woody, charismatic country road that twists through the picturesque Yallingup Hills, and joins the flat plains beyond Bussell Highway to the rocky coastline beyond Caves Road.

Since then there has been a wedding, a baby, and a subsequent need to find a way to support ourselves while living in this perfect location. We looked at agriculture - grapes (we are in the premium viticultural area of Margaret River after all), olives, avocados, livestock...

The problem was we didn't know much about agriculture. Beer, however, is a different story.

So, a family business concept hatched. A small, boutique brewery that would brew small batches of beers full of character & flavour. Beers that excite us, some that may challenge us, beers that we are proud of.  

As it turns out, we are learning a bit about agriculture too.

In 2016, we planted out trial hop yard, with tiny American Cascade plants from the Diggers Club & robust Chinook rhizome cuttings, gifted to us from our mates at Rocky Ridge Brewing Co. The plants survived, and thrived.

We plan to expand the hop yard over the next few years, and this gives us the chance to play around with wet hopping at the end of summer, dry & store hops for use later in the year, and also age them for a future sours program.

Also on the agriculture front, we plan to grow produce for our small commercial kitchen. What we can't grow ourselves, will be sourced  locally. Sustainable, seasonal, fresh & local are all buzz words at the moment, but they are key to our philosophy on many levels.



PS - This photo <- was taken at the tail end of construction, on the first day we fired up the kitchen, and the first day we speared our first keg. Guests include our family, our plumber, our electrician, our coffee provider (very important), our head chef and venue manager. It was a great feast :)